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Research by Dublin based scientists reveals that ancient Europeans were lactose intolerant

Analysis of DNA extracted from the inner ear bones (petrous bones) of ancient Europeans has led two Dublin based scientists to suggest that these people remained intolerant to lactose (a natural sugar in the milk of mammals) for 5,000 years after the adoption of agriculture. According to Professor Ron Pinhasi from the UCD Earth Institute and UCD School […]

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Dublin’s Oldest Street?

The earliest remains of a road thus far discovered in Dublin city was found during an archaeological excavation carried out by Claire Walsh in the vicinity of Golden Lane and Chancery Lane[i]. Although truncated in parts, the road was extensive, measuring at least 50 m in length and extending across two separate sites. Approximately 2.35 […]

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Viking longboat

Below the Surface presents: The Fleet of Norse Dublin

Below the Surface presents its sixth talk in the maritime series on board the Jeanie Johnston tall ship. This replica famine ship is currently docked on the Dublin quays and the creaking sounds of its wooden hull will undoubtedly create a very atmospheric location for the lecture series. Presented by Prof. Poul Holm, Trinity College Dublin on Wednesday April 3rd, the talk […]

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Grassroots Archaeology

I have just become aware of a very interesting looking community archaeology project that will take place this summer in Baldoyle, Co. Dublin. This initiative, which has been titled, Grassroots Archaeology, aims to unearth the story of a forgotten local monument through historical and cartographic research as well as through targeted excavations. The monument in […]

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Toy Viking boat

A Viking Age toy boat from Dublin

This image shows a wooden replica of an ocean-going Viking longboat that was discovered during the National Museum of Ireland’s excavations at Winetavern Street, Dublin. Most likely a toy, the vessel measures approximately 37 cm in length by a maximum of 8.5 cm in width. Originally the boat would have had a mast and a […]

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Market cross, High Street

Dublin’s Medieval High Cross

This image shows Dublin city’s lost medieval ‘High Cross’ as drawn by John Simons in 1784. The panels on the shaft contain scenes of the Crucifixion, Descent from the Cross and the Passion.  It formerly stood near the junction of High Street and Skinner’s Row (now Christchurch place). A market cross, its steps were used as a […]

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