Exciting New Resource for Irish Genealogy Announced

National Library of Ireland 1900
National Library of Ireland, c. 1900

This is pretty amazing for anyone wishing to research their Irish family history. The entire collection of Catholic parish register microfilms held by the National Library of Ireland will be made available online – for free – from the 8th of July 2015 onwards. On that date, a dedicated website will go live with over 390,000 digital images of the microfilm reels on which the parish registers are recorded. The National Library of Ireland has been working to digitise the microfilms for over three years under its most ambitious digitisation programme to date.

The parish register records are considered the single most important source of information on Irish family history prior to the 1901 Census. Dating from the 1740s to the 1880s, they cover 1,091 parishes throughout the island of Ireland, and consist primarily of baptismal and marriage records.

The National Library c. 1900
The National Library c. 1900

Commenting today, Ciara Kerrigan, who is managing the digitisation of the parish registers, said:
This is the most significant ever genealogy project in the history of the National library of Ireland. The microfilms have been available to visitors to the library since the 1970s. However, their digitisation means that, for the first time, anyone who likes will be able to access these registers without having to travel to Dublin‘.

Typically, the parish registers include information such as the dates of baptisms and marriages, and the names of the key people involved, including godparents or witnesses. The digital images of the registers will be searchable by parish location only, and will not be transcribed or indexed by the National Library of Ireland.’The images will be in black and white, and will be of the microfilms of the original registers,’ explained Ms. Kerrigan.

3 thoughts on “Exciting New Resource for Irish Genealogy Announced

  1. I would like to look for my Ancestors, I have only been able to search back to 1901/1911 Census. Is there another site that will let me search Church Recirds etc?
    Thanks in Advance
    Mary C Nolan

    1. Hi Mary,

      The earlier church records should be available on-line from the 8th of July.

      All the best,

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