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A collection of web based articles and books relating to Irish archaeology.




The Irish Sea in Prehistory by John Waddell


The Prehistoric Archaeology of Ireland by John Waddell



Catch of the day at Clowanstown, Co. Meath by Marie FitzGerald (Mesolithic fish traps)

A Weave Not to Be Forgotten, The Clowanstown fish traps by Padraig Clancy (More about the above Mesolithic fish traps)

Lambay lithics: the analysis of two surface collections from Lambay, Co. Dublin by Brian Dolan and Gabriel Cooney

The early prehistory in the west of Ireland: Investigations into the social archaeology of the Mesolithic, west of the Shannon, Ireland. An M. Litt by Killian Driscoll



Understanding quartz technology in early prehistoric Ireland. A Phd. thesis by Killian Driscoll

Life and death in Late Neolithic & Early Bronze Age Cork by John Tierney

The house and group identity in the Irish Neolithic by Jessica Smyth 

Built according to plan, Two enigmatic Neolithic Structures on the M3 by Ed Lynne

A slice through time Prehistoric and ritual near Kells, Co Meath by Gill McLoughlin and Fintan Walsh


Bronze Age


Life and death in Co. Meath by Linda Clarke and Neil Carlin 

Megalithic art in Co. Tipperary Muiris O’Sullivan and Blaze O’Connor

A Bronze Age cemetery (in south Co. Dublin) by Fiona O’Reilly

Celts, Celticisation and the Irish Bronze Age by John Waddell

Ballinderry Crannóg No. 2, Co. Offaly: the Later Bronze Age by Conor Newman

The Slievemore Roundhouses by Stuart Rathbone


The Bronze Age Burials of Ireland by John Waddell

The Funerary Bowls and Vases of the Irish Bronze Age by John Waddell


Iron Age

Iron age enclosure at Lismullin, Co. Meath by Aidan O’Connell

The Elusive Iron Age: a rare and exciting site type is uncovered at Lismullin, Co. Meath

The innermost secrets of Rathcoghan mound by Joe Fenwick et al

A bog-butter vessel from Mount Jubilee, Erris, Co. Mayo by Robert M. Chapple

Excavations at ‘Dathi’s Mound’, Rathcroghan, Co. Roscommon by John Waddell

The Sword in the Stone: previously unrecognised archaeological evidence of ceremonies of the later Iron Age and early medieval period by Conor Newman


Early Medieval

Underwater archaeological excavations of an Early Medieval bridge in the River Shannon, Clonmacnoise by Aidan O’Sullivan & Donal Boland

Early Medieval Ireland: Archaeological Excavations 1930-2004 (EMAP)

A Database of Early Medieval Archaeological Excavations in Ireland 1930-2004 (EMAP)

Early Medieval dwellings and settlements in Ireland Vol I. (EMAP)

Early Medieval dwellings and settlements in Ireland Vol II (Gazetteer)

An Iron age and Early medieval cemetery at Collierstown 1, Co. Meath (EMAP)

Early medieval enclosure at Balriggan, Co. Louth by Shane Delaney and Niall Roycroft

Southerrain city by David Bayley and Niall Roycroft

Run of the mill (excavations at an Early Medieval site in Co. Meath) by Matt Seaver

An Early Medieval enclosure and burials at Johnstown, Co. Meath by Linda Clarke

Early Medieval enclosure at Killickweeny, Co. Kildare by Fintan Walsh and John Harrison

A monastic enclosure site at Cloonfad Co. Westmeath by Paul Stevens

General Vikings in Ireland by Donnchadh Ó Corráin

Vikings in Ireland and Scotland in the 9th century by Donnchadh Ó Corráin

Viking Ireland – Afterthoughts by Donnchadh Ó Corráin

Nationality and Kingship in Pre-Norman Ireland by Donnchadh Ó Corráin

Irish Medieval Chariots, 1300 years in the making by Raimund Karl

Fort Baronstown? Exploring the social role of an impressive ringfort on the M3 by Steve Linnane and Jonathan Kinsella

A Turkish import in Co. Meath: Mediterranean pottery on the M3 by Amanda Kelly

Native enclosed settlement and the problem of the Irish ring-fort by Elizabeth FitzPatrick

The Decline of the Cow: Agricultural and Settlement Change in Early Medieval Ireland by Finbar McCormick 

A Neglected Viking Burial with Beads from Kilmainham, Dublin, Discovered in 1847 by C.S. Briggs

Place, Memory and Identity Among Estuarine Fishing Communities: Interpreting the Archaeology of Early Medieval Fish Weirs by Aidan O’Sullivan

Irish, Norse and Inuit: Early medieval voyages of exploration in the North Atlantic by Aidan O’Sullivan

Early Medieval Houses In Ireland: Social Identity and Dwelling Spaces by Aidan O’Sullivan

Early Medieval Settlement Enclosures In Ireland: Dwellings, Daily Life and Social Identity by Aidan O’Sullivan

Native Enclosed Settlement and the Problem of the ‘Irish Ring-fort’ by Elizabeth FitzPatrick 


Crannogs: Lake-dwellings of early Ireland by Aidan O’Sullivan

Proceedings of the Seventh Viking Congress, Almqvist, B. & Greene, D. (eds.)


Medieval Archaeology Journal, Issues 1-50 (ADS)

Strange creatures and mixed messages (a medieval ring-brooch) by Mary Deevy

The oldest church in Ireland’s ‘oldest town’ by Brian O Donnchada

Pots on the hearth: domestic pottery in historic Ireland by Clare McCutcheon and Rosanna Meenan 

The evolution of the Irish tower-house as a domestic space by Rory Sherlock

Opening the door on a medieval settlement at Boyerstown 1 by Kevin Martin

Lusty Ladies: Mermaids in the Medieval Irish Church Patricia Radford

Sheela Na Gigs Shae Clancy

Socio-economic aspects of Irish medieval settlement by Terry Barry

Rural settlement and cultural identity in Gaelic Ireland 1000-1500 by Tadhg O’Keeffe

Woodmanship and the supply of underwood and timber to Anglo-Norman Dublin. by Aidan O’Sullivan

Townscape as text: the topography of social interaction in Fethard, county Tipperary, AD 1300-1700 by Tadgh O’Keeffe

Aristocrats, immigrants and entrepreneurs: settlers and settlement initiatives in late 13th century Ireland by Tadgh O’Keeffe

Concepts of ‘castle’and the construction of identity in medieval and post-medieval Ireland by Tadgh O’Keeffe



In living memory (excavating a 19th century cottage) by

Moving towards the formal house: room usage in early modern Ireland by Jane Fenlon

Hearth and home: the vernacular house in Ireland from c. 1800 by Barry O’Reilly

The Military Archaeology of Irish Buildings in the Twentieth Century by Damian Shiels

Booley Houses, Hafods & Sheilings by Stuart Rathbone

Signal Defensible Guardhouses in County Mayo by Stuart Rathbone


Environmental Archaeology 

Wax or wane? Insect perspectives on human environmental interactions by Eileen Reilly





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