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Amazing artifacts from Ireland

The Waterford Knife

The rare and unusual Waterford knife was discovered during an archaeological excavation in the south eastern Irish city. It consists of an iron blade and handle which are covered in inlaid copper-alloy plates. These are in turn richly decorated in both text and motifs. Probably dating from the 12th century, the knife measures 260 mm long, with […]

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The Derreen bucket

The elaborate, stave-built Derreen bucket was discovered in a peat bog in Kilmurry parish, Co. Clare in 1938.  It formed part of small hoard of objects that were either hidden or lost in the bog sometime in the 8th or 9th centuries AD. The other items found included a turned wooden vessel[i], decorated with three […]

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Toy Viking boat

A Viking Age toy boat from Dublin

This image shows a wooden replica of an ocean-going Viking longboat that was discovered during the National Museum of Ireland’s excavations at Winetavern Street, Dublin. Most likely a toy, the vessel measures approximately 37 cm in length by a maximum of 8.5 cm in width. Originally the boat would have had a mast and a […]

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The keshcarrigan bowl

The Keshcarrigan bowl

This beautiful bronze bowl was discovered in 1854 in a river flowing into Lough Scur, which lies just north of Keshcarrigan in Co. Leitrim. Iron Age in date and measuring approximately 14 cm in diameter, it may have been a ceremonial drinking cup. The bowl is fashioned out of beaten bronze and was probably finished […]

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Knowth macehead

The Knowth macehead

This stunning flint macehead was found deep within the darkest recesses of the great Neolithic passage tomb at Knowth, Co. Meath. Hidden for millennia, it was discovered in 1982 during an excavation carried out by Dr George Eogan. It is fashioned out a single piece of pale-grey flint, splashed with patches of brown, and is […]

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The Broighter hoard

The remarkable Broighter hoard, arguably the finest treasure trove of the Irish Iron Age, was discovered on a February evening in 1896 by two Derry men, Thomas Nicholl and James Morrow. They had been ploughing a stubble field adjacent to the shoreline of Lough Foyle when they suddenly hit something hard. On investigation they discovered […]

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Facing the past. An anthropomorphic Bronze Age pot from Cork

  An exceptional collection of Bronze Age artefacts was recently found near Mitchelstown in County Cork (Kiely & Sutton 2007). They included a ceramic spoon and three pottery vessels, two of which had distinctly anthropomorphic features. These remarkable finds were recovered from a small pit during an archaeological  excavation carried out by Bruce Sutton of […]

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