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Anglo-Norman Parks in Medieval Ireland: A Review

Anglo-Norman Parks in Medieval Ireland is a brand new book by Four Courts Press. This interesting and informative publication is written by Fiona Beglane, who is a lecturer in archaeology at the Institute of Technology Sligo, and also a consultant zooarchaeologist. In it she attempts to examine the surviving evidence for medieval parks in Anglo-Norman […]

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The destruction of a 3000 year old bog roadway in Co. Westmeath

A disturbing report from An Taisce concerning the destruction of a circa 3000 wooden roadway in Co. Westmeath. ‘While Irish heritage is being celebrated and promoted this week, the destruction of a major archaeological monument, a major timber-built road of European significance at Mayne Bog, Coole, County Westmeath is continuing. Although the National Monuments Service […]

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A Corinthian Helmet from the Battle of Marathon

This remarkable Corinthian style helmet from the Battle of Marathon was reputedly found in 1834 with a human skull still inside. It now forms part of the Royal Ontario Museum’s collections, but originally it was discovered by George Nugent-Grenville, who was the British High Commissioner of the Ionian Islands between 1832-35. A keen antiquarian, Nugent-Grenville […]

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