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Amazing artifacts from Ireland

Some Early Medieval Grave Slabs at Clonmacnoise

  Founded by St. Ciarán in the 6th century AD, Clonmacnoise is one of Ireland’s most famous early monasteries. Its high status is reflected in the historical documents which record numerous instances of Irish kings and important ecclesiastics being buried at the site. Today, evidence for these interments survives in the form of beautifully decorated grave-markers, […]

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The Beautiful Gospels of St. Gall

The images below are taken from the beautifully illustrated Gospels of St. Gall. This illuminated manuscript was most likely produced in Ireland during the 8th century AD. It is written in Latin and contains 268 pages, 12 of which are decorated. Detailing the Gospels of Matthew, Luke, Mark and John, it now resides at the Abbey […]

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The Mac Durnan Gospels

The Mac Durnan Gospel is a beautifully illustrated, but little known Irish manuscript that now resides in the Lambeth Palace Library in London. A relatively small book, measuring just 15.9 cm by 11.1 cm in size, it contains the four Gospels (Matthew, Mark, Luke and John). These are written in Irish miniscule script, a style […]

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