A gold serpent pendant from Viking Age Denmark

Photo: Southwest Jutland Museums.

This beautiful serpent pendant was recently discovered near Gørding in Denmark by Jean Stokholm and Doris Birch Mathiesen. Fashioned out of gold and decorated using the filigree technique, it most likely dates from the the 10th century AD.

It was originally suspended via a loop formed out of gold wire that was ornamented with a pair of green glass beads. Serpent pendants such as this one are known from across Viking Age Scandinavia and it has been suggested that they may have been associated with fertility or the god Odin (see Graslund, p. 126). This new find now forms part of the Southwest Jutland Museums.

Photo: Southwest Jutland Museums.


Gørding-slangen – et mesterværk i guldfiligran fra vikingetiden

Graslund, A. S. (2006) ‘Wolves, Serpents and Birds’ in Anders Andren et al (eds) Old Norse Religion in long-term perspectives, Origins, Changes and Interactions, Lund , Sweden, pp. 124-129


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  1. Thank you for providing photographs of both the front and rear of the pendant and including the scale. Viewing both sides lets me determine the methods of construction. 😀🍻

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