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Lucky and Unlucky Signs: Folklore from Co. Kerry

This blog post details some of the signs/portents which were deemed lucky or unlucky in early 20th century Ireland. It is based on information supplied by pupils at Listowel National school, Co. Kerry in 1938. ‘If you break a looking-glass, you are supposed to have seven years bad luck. If a person comes in one door, […]

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Irish Conference of Medievalists 2015

This year’s Irish Conference of Medievalists is taking place at University College Dublin between the 1st and 3rd of July. It features a huge range of speakers, discussing a variety of topics and you will be hard pressed to find a better conference line up this summer. For delegates who sign up by June 1st, […]

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An 8th century Crucifixion Plaque from Co. Roscommon

This gilt bronze plaque is one of the earliest surviving representations of the Crucifixion in Ireland (Wallace 2000, p. 39). Most likely 8th century in date, is was discovered at St. John’s, Rinnegan, Co. Roscommon sometime during the 19th century. It depicts a beardless Christ, who is flanked by the Roman soldiers Longinous and Stephaton, […]

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Treasures from the Bog: An Iron Age Leather Arm-Ring from Co. Offaly

This distinctive leather arm-ring was found on an Iron Age bog body from Co. Offaly. It represents a very unusual find from this period, as organic jewellery rarely survives in the archaeological record. Thankfully, in this instance, the cold, acidic and oxygen-free conditions of the bog prevented the leather from decaying. The bog body containing […]

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Herbal Cures. Folkore from Co. Donegal

This blog post details some early 20th century herbal cures from Co. Donegal and is based on information supplied by a pupil attending Behy National School in c. 1938. ‘Tormentil known in this district as “Torment Root” is a cure for a sick animal The bark and juice of the alder for heart burn. Juniper […]

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