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Dublin’s Oldest Street?

The earliest remains of a road thus far discovered in Dublin city was found during an archaeological excavation carried out by Claire Walsh in the vicinity of Golden Lane and Chancery Lane[i]. Although truncated in parts, the road was extensive, measuring at least 50 m in length and extending across two separate sites. Approximately 2.35 […]

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The Ballynolan Thistle Brooch

The Ballynolan thistle brooch was found near Pallaskenry, Co. Limerick in 1836. It was discovered by John Kennedy as he cleared stones from the fields near his home. On turning over a particularly large boulder, the ground was disturbed and the brooch emerged from its hiding place. Fashioned out of silver, it remains a mystery […]

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The Derreen bucket

The elaborate, stave-built Derreen bucket was discovered in a peat bog in Kilmurry parish, Co. Clare in 1938.  It formed part of small hoard of objects that were either hidden or lost in the bog sometime in the 8th or 9th centuries AD. The other items found included a turned wooden vessel[i], decorated with three […]

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