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French Archaeologists Uncover 6000 Year Old Massacre

A team of archaeologists working in Achenheim, France have uncovered evidence of a 6000 year old massacre while excavating a large Neolithic enclosure. The macabre discovery was found inside a subterranean silo, which had originally been used for storing grain and other foodstuffs. However, this pit was filled with something entirely different. It contained the […]

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La Tène Era ‘Celtic’ Burials from France

A number of spectacular La Tène era ‘Celtic’ burials have recently been uncovered by archaeologists working at Buchères in north central France. Dating from the third and fourth century BC, these richly furnished Gaulish graves were discovered during topsoil stripping at the Aube Logistick Park. Of the 14 tombs excavated so far, archaeologists have unearthed five […]

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