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We at are delighted to invite archaeological researchers to join our mission of sharing Ireland’s amazing archaeology with the world.

Our approach is to make sure that the archaeology information we are all so passionate about is just as accessible and engaging for the lay reader as it is for the academic and professional archaeologist. We use our website and our busy social media platform presence to enable this.

We are looking for short, accessible papers about your archaeology findings, however great or small, to share on our popular website. We know that your research is exciting. We’d like to give you this opportunity to showcase your work on our global platform, which is visited hundreds-of-thousands of times a year


  • Design your e-paper so that your findings are presented in as lively and engaging a way as possible.
  • As a guide, we suggest a word-count limit of 300-1500 words – think of a blog post article that people don’t have to scroll forever through in order to get the meaning. (Check out articles by Colm on the website as a good example. But notice that some articles – eg those by Adrienne – do slightly over-run this scale.)
  • Don’t be afraid to use archaeological technical words that might be unfamiliar to a lay reader, just take care to explain them.
  • Send us at least two GREAT images, with captions.
  • Reference your sources in the footer.
  • Submissions will undergo a review process to determine publication suitability and editorial quality.
  • Give us a short bio about yourself, up to just about 20 words long.

Email your files to:

Email with queries.

Help us to inspire the world with Ireland’s amazing archaeology



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