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Castles and Abbeys: Medieval Ireland in Photos

Here is a selection of some of the fantastic images that have been entered into our Photography Competition, this time with an emphasis on Medieval sites. Don’t forget there are also blog posts on the Prehistoric and Early Medieval photos. All of the images used in this blog post are copyright of the respective photographers, […]

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Dunmore Castle, Co. Galway

The imposing ruins of Dunmore castle tower above the rolling fields of north Galway. Situated on a small hillock, the first castle at this site was built by the Anglo-Norman de-Birmingham family in the early 13th century. Designed as a bulwark against the native Irish, the castle was soon called into service. In 1249 Dunmore was […]

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The Waterford Knife

The rare and unusual Waterford knife was discovered during an archaeological excavation in the south eastern Irish city. It consists of an iron blade and handle which are covered in inlaid copper-alloy plates. These are in turn richly decorated in both text and motifs. Probably dating from the 12th century, the knife measures 260 mm long, with […]

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Moated sites; defended homesteads of the 13th and 14th centuries

  Moated sites are rectangular shaped enclosures that are primarily associated with the 13th and 14th century Anglo-Norman colonisation of Ireland.  They were most likely the homes of minor lords and well-to-do tenant farmers and would have formed the focal point of large agricultural estates.   In some instance they may also have represented outlying grange […]

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