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Anglo-Norman Parks in Medieval Ireland: A Review

Anglo-Norman Parks in Medieval Ireland is a brand new book by Four Courts Press. This interesting and informative publication is written by Fiona Beglane, who is a lecturer in archaeology at the Institute of Technology Sligo, and also a consultant zooarchaeologist. In it she attempts to examine the surviving evidence for medieval parks in Anglo-Norman […]

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Medieval houses found at Tullyhogue fort, Co. Tyrone

Archaeologists from Queen’s University have uncovered the foundations of a number of medieval houses at Tullyhogue fort, Co. Tyrone, which may once have belonged to members of the O’Hagan clan. During the Middle Ages Tullyhogue was an important inauguration site of the O’Neill kings of Ulster, who were ‘crowned’ upon a stone throne adjacent to […]

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Split down the middle: parti-coloured clothes in 14th century Ireland

In the imaginative and engaging Charter Roll room of the Medieval Waterford Museum, I discovered something that I’d never seen before: a fourteenth century illustration of a man dressed from head to toe in two vertically contrasting colours. He is dressed in an outfit that vertically drapes the entire left half of his body in fawn, and the entire […]

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Beer Money: 13th century tokens from Winetavern Street, Dublin

These distinctive pewter tokens were found by Brendán O’Riordáin during his archaeological excavations at Winetavern Street in Dublin. As its name suggests, this street was once famous for its taverns and it is likely that the tokens were originally used by local inn-keepers when normal coinage was scarce. They were discovered inside a wood-lined cess-pit, where […]

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Guiding ships for 800 years: Hook Lighthouse, Co. Wexford

 The iconic Hook Head lighthouse represents one of the oldest operational lighthouses in the world.  It stands on the very tip of the windswept Hook peninsula in Co. Wexford, overlooking a number of important shipping routes. Circa 800 years old, it was erected in the early 13th century by the great Anglo-Norman magnate, William Marshall, […]

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In photos: The ornate medieval stonework at Boyle Abbey, Roscommon

Founded in 1161 AD, by the Cistercian order of monks, Boyle Abbey, Co. Roscommon contains a fine collection of medieval decorated stonework. These pieces are found inside the ruins of the late 12th/early 13th century church and take the form of ornate capitals. Exploiting a variety of decorative motifs, the stone capitals contain images of both […]

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A Twelfth Century Hand-Warmer

Dating from the 12th century and decorated in foliate patterns, this small, bronze ball is actually a hand-warmer. Inside the metal sphere, which unscrews into two halves, is an iron cup that held hot charcoal. This clever design allowed the hands to be warmed without getting burnt. Medieval hand-warmers, such as this one, were predominantly […]

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