Lore of Certain Days: Folklore from Co. Kildare

This blog post details some of the folklore surrounding the days of the week in early 20th century Ireland. It is based on information supplied by Bridie Heffernan of Boston Common, Co. Kildare in c. 1938.

Thatched cottage kildare
Cottage, Clongorey, Co. Kildare (National Library of Ireland)

Monday: Ashes is never put out on a Monday, neither is the sweepings of the floor. It is said that to do so would be to put out the good luck of the week.

Tuesday: Is the best day for washing.

Wednesday: Is a lucky day to commence any important work, such as ploughing. It is also a lucky day to get married.

Thursday: If an article is lost on a Thursday it is never found again.

Friday: Is considered a lucky day to move into a new house. If a [butter] churning be made on a Friday more butter is got than on any other day.

Saturday: Is supposed to be an unlucky day to commence any new work.

Sunday: If a person be ill in bed he should not get up on this day. If he shows signs of improving people say he wont recover at all.’

This account forms part of the Schools’ Folklore Collection, a large and important corpus of material, whose compilation occurred between 1937 and 1939.  This far-sighted scheme, run by the Irish Folklore Commission, saw over 100,000 schoolchildren collecting local folklore from their parents, grandparents and older members of the community


The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0777, Page 193

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