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  1. Observing the west portal at Ullard Church I couldn’t help but observe that the Church, with shoddy workmanship, was built around the pre existing portal. Why is the architecture devolving and what was the portal’s original function? If the Greeks considered hibernia the most ancient then perhaps this isn’t romanesque. Perhaps Rome is Hybernesque!? There is nothing Christian about this portal!
    The use of triangles is a tell; like on those very Egyptian looking lanulas in our museum of archeology and history.
    Its curious to me that ‘crescent moon’ is the same in Arabic as it is in Irish. In fact there are considerable gaps and discrepancies in our mainstream history.
    When I was taught about Dolmens in school there was a mention of Britain and Scandinavian countries but never was I told about the country with the highest density of dolmens – Korea.
    Is there anybody I can have a conversation with about this? I feel like people are conveniently in denial of what’s blatently staring them in the face.
    That or I’m going mad… would anybody like to come?

    Kindest regards

    Oisin lally

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