Braigetóir: An Unusual Medieval Jester

Brageteóir: A medieval Irish jester who entertained his lord by farting

In medieval Ireland there was a jester known as Braigetóir[i]. How did his entertain his lord? By passing wind, the man was a professional farter[ii].


[i] O’Kelly, F. 2005. A Guide to Early Irish Law. Dublin Institute for Advanced Studies, p. 64.

[ii] Image taken from John Derrick’s ‘The Image of Irelande, with a discouerie of Woodkarne‘, 1581. It has been cropped by the author.

Further Reading

Ramsey G. 2002. ‘A Breath of Fresh Air: Rectal Music in Gaelic Ireland’ in  Archaeology Ireland Vol. 16, No. 1, pp. 22-23



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